Monday, May 07, 2012

An Apt Name

Can you spot the heron? They just hung out along the rocks swooping among the falls.

The Potomac drops approximately 75 ft at these falls
Eamon found this little puddle of life. This millipede was the biggest he found.
Studying millipedes

Identifying a new to us tree by its flower - Tuliptree
The lock remains

An afternoon trip to Great Falls National Park was filled with discovery and adventure. The falls were breathtaking as were the kayakers who battled the current and even got flipped over. I found myself holding my breath in awe. The height and swiftness of the river made Dave a little nervous. The kiddos jumped and leaped over rocks to gain a better view from each of the overlooks. The fury of the water was impressive and so difficult to capture.

We noticed herons along the rocky water's edge. They would swoop toward the current and return to their perch. We didn't catch a glimpse of them retrieving any fish from the rapids though. One the ground, the kiddos were amazed by the millipedes we found everywhere. They studied them and made sure everyone knew about the creatures. Other children huddled around for a chance to look or hold. They searched for new plants to identify and the elusive four-leaf clover. We used our spotters guide to figure out trees that are new to us.

Ruins of old towns and locks elicited stories and musings about generations past. We talked about how the town could have been lost to fire if the homes had stone foundations. We looked for treasures. Huge fairy houses were discovered and spruced up a bit.

Our family bought an annual pass to the national parks during this trip vowing to return for more hiking. We also want to explore the Maryland side of the falls. They were really impressive and I can see why they are called Great Falls.


  1. what a great weekend---and with the can look forward to many more! thanks for taking me along!!!

  2. We have that tulip tree around here in abundance. Yuck to the millipede. Love the breath taking views you captured. Lovely!

    1. Aine said it gave her the willies - I had to agree!

  3. Fantastic place. I love that you're not wasting one single minute of your time there.

  4. Anonymous11:06 AM

    How incredibly beautiful. I think I need to add this park to our "to visit" list.

  5. this is beautiful! what a great adventure!

  6. creepy millipede but i bet it must have been fascinating for the kids. such a beautiful place - thank you for sharing!