Tuesday, May 08, 2012

We love

Sometimes I get scared of all the what-ifs in life. Most of them are far from real, but they can occupy my mind. The workings of my imagination can spiral. I like to plan for the unexpected, so I create various what-if scenarios.

These what-ifs have become more visible where we live. Police officers are stationed outside the metro stops. We walk by men armed with some type of huge gun meant to kill many as we purchase our smart cards for the bus and train. Memorials are erected to those who fought and served or those just caught in the melee.

My children do not know about 9-11. We don't watch the news. I shield them from the horrors of fighting and war as well as the random violence people perpetuate against each other. Why must they know? They  are young and unclouded by such things. And then we walk by evidence of fear in our new town. My inquisitive young girl asks why there are so many guns. What is that rumpled piece of steel with the plaque for? Why? I find it so hard to explain to the small people that accompany me around town. How do I explain the craziness that can happen when I cannot understand it.
So instead I make plans. We focus on all the good and see the mysteries around us. We talk about fear and the idea of safety. We love.


  1. I want to shield your family from all the harm in the world Heather and keep them in your sight at all times. It's difficult to explain why people want to hurt anyone else or need to protect things. It seems so incomprehensible that one human being could want to do anything to harm another.

    It's lovely to live in the childlike world, that from the images I can see your children belong to. The great thing is that there are so many good and kind people out there but you are instilling in them the need to keep safe too. It sounds like you have a lovely family

  2. Oh Heather I don't understand either this world we live in. Right after 9-11 I did nothing but watch the news and worry, for about a year that is how I lived. Now, I no longer watch the news, I live each day like it's my last and yes, I love! I am so much happier now.

  3. ((hug)) i have had to stop watching the news... for a long time now. probably since 9/11. i remind myself daily that although it seems like the world is overflowing with craziness, that really most people are good, they want what i want... happiness, love, a home, some food and water. i think the since the news focuses so much on the bad stuff you can forget that really most everyone wants the same stuff (basically) and that not everyone wants to kill us.
    btw: great plane shots. :)

  4. I understand, I am Muslim, who also happens to be an American (I converted in 2003). So you can imagine what its like to explain to my children, we dont live in the US so it does make it easier but its hard to explain why so many people are angry at Muslims, and why people might not like them...even when they are innocent children :(