Monday, January 02, 2012

An Auspicious Start

I had a few leftover holiday projects to finish this season. First was finishing Benton's sweater and fixing Eamon's neck on his sweater. Those two tasks were relatively easy and quickly accomplished. The other project was a bit bigger. Last summer, I decided to opt out of the gift exchange my siblings do. Instead I wanted to give each of them a quilt made from tops and  blocks my grandmother and great-grandmother had pieced. I bought the needed supplies and then relied on my future self to work magic. Unfortunately that did not happen before the exchanging and shipping of gifts.

Faced with those unfinished quilts, I decided to make use of a fresh page on the calendar. I began them on the first day of 2012. One quilt is now finished. It is currently in the washer for a quick cleaning and subsequent fluff in the dryer. I will mail it out tomorrow. My grandmother and her mother had hand-pieced the top. I tied the quilt instead of quilting it. I am so pleased that one is finished, and I like how it came together. The other two are in various stages of completion. I am planning to work on them this week as I have two other quilts waiting in my queue. 

With such a flurry of activity, I think know 2012 is going to be a great year.


  1. WOW!!! What an incredible gift you're giving to each of your siblings!!!

    I have a bunch of baby clothes from when Gus was a wee man... and I saw something on Pinterest on how to piece them together to make a quilt... but I'm not a sewer AT ALL. Maybe someday I'll figure it out!!!

    Truly remarkable!! You're amazing Heather!!

  2. i agree what an amazing gift. i have wanted to learn to quilt ever since i read patchwork quilt


  3. That quilt is beautiful, and such a wonderful gift idea.