Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Friendships evolve and change over time. Sibling relationships are no different. I find that the friendships my children share are in constant flux. This is especially evident between my oldest and youngest. In the past few months, they have become very close.

Seated together on a swivel chair with storybook in hand, Eamon cuddles up to Benton and reads. He will pause while playing to give his brother a hug. Benton will often be found doing the same. As the younger child, he admires his older brother. In the past Eamon would not always tolerate this admiration well. As the older brother he didn't think to involve his baby brother in his play. Now they have fun together concocting elaborate games and reenacting their favorite stories. With swashbuckling swords, construction hats, boots or scarves, imagination abounds. It is quite a lot of fun to see their friendship transform.

The other day while at a homeschool day at the local trampoline house, I snapped these photos. They are blurry and the lighting is poor, but I wanted to capture the bond these two are forging. I think it will be an amazing friendship for many years to come.


  1. that makes me feel all squishy. <3

  2. Lovely photos of brotherly love.

  3. OMG Heather... those pictures are priceless!!! I love the one of E kissing B, but the last one... it says so much. What a wonderful gift they are to each other!

  4. Have they started discussing the culinary delights of such things as Fromunda Cheese?