Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our Weekend

Warming up
Sporting his newly blocked hat (he wanted "the blog" to know he is wearing it now)
- soccer early on Saturday morning. We have been sleeping in lately, so the early morning games are a bit of a struggle. Aine did well. It is a non-competitive league focusing on skill development, which Aine loves.
- major planning with our local homeschool group. So much fun in store. I love that we have found our homeschooling community. We are very lucky to have found such supportive, enthusiastic families that share our common unschooling goals.
- dinner and an evening without Dave as he took a rare night out to watch UFC with friends. We read many chapters of Lone Wolf. The kiddos enjoyed the first few Guardians of Ga'Hoole books and like this wolf series thus far. The tragedy of life in the wild has not been too much for Aine's gentle heart. We have not had to stop reading yet.
- on Sunday most of us slept late to make up for the previous early morning. I snuck out of bed a few hours early to work on our homeschooling group's calendar, email and a bit of knitting.
- an afternoon spent hiking in the Superstition Mountains. I forgot to bring the camera, so I have nothing to share of our hike. It was actually quite nice to be unencumbered as we walked. It also freed up my hands for the multiple water bottles, apple cores, oranges, map and stick I was asked to carry. The wildflowers are just beginning to bloom in such beautiful oranges. I cannot wait for more yellows, whites, and purples to join the orange. Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year in Arizona? The desert truly comes alive.
- knitting on the birthday socks while driving around with Dave at the wheel. Finishing them at home while we settled in for a quiet evening of game playing, reading and server creating.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?


  1. Tell him the "blog" is proud of him :D (p.s. it looks very nice and warm!!)

  2. I miss going to soccer and baseball games on an early Saturday morning. All of my guy's played and my husband coached from the time he was in high school; he finally decided last year to pass the torch to the 'younger' guys!
    Yes, please tell your husband that 'the blog' thinks he looks very dashing in his hat!

  3. Two wonderful pictures!!! I especially love the bottom one... he looks so focused!

    Sounds like a great weekend! We celebrated Steve's birthday and enjoyed time as a family!

  4. Great hat - I love the colours. I'm so glad he's wearing it now - it's wonderful what a good blocking can do!
    I'm glad to hear we aren't the only ones who have a hard time with early mornings...

  5. the hat looks fantastic, it fits him perfectly. i love a man in a hand knit hat.

    and of all the things i miss about my childrens childhood, all day sports is not one of them. good luck with your mornings.

  6. "The Blog" - love that remark! Great hat, and it looks good on him too. Love your daughter's sport outfit with the that feminine touch - did you make the hair barrette?

    1. He is quite pleased with the comments, I think.

      Aine actually made the barrette. She always has her own flair.