Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Cure for Dysentery

January in Arizona is beautiful. It is the time of year when everyone seeks the outdoors. Bundled up in handknits and long sleeves, our family headed out in 70 degree weather to hike at Cave Creek Regional Park on Saturday. The park is known for its mines, and we wanted to check them out.

The weather was gorgeous and the hike was great. We wandered along the Clay Mine trail toward our goal. Benton led our expedition. He was very serious about his job. He would run ahead and make sure everyone stayed behind him. He carried a backpack full of supplies - a swimsuit, rashguard, pjs, clothes and a lot of suckers. He was ready for almost anything.
As we approached the mine opening we took a small trail up to the top of the mine. Everyone was excited about the talc-like clay surrounding the shaft. Immediately the kiddos huddled around the fence enclosing the mine opening. After looking at the mine depth, the kiddos began molding the clay on the ground. It was so much fun to play with the clay. With a little water, they were able to form balls and disks from the clay.

A trip to the mouth of the mine revealed the use of the clay. The mine owner would sell the clay as a cure for what ails you. It was ineffective for most illnesses, but it did actually help those with dysentery. It worked similar to Imodium. This discovery was hilarious to all of us. It was fodder for quite the conversations.
Aine commandeered the camera on the hike back. She was quite pleased with her photos. She captured some really neat perspectives (including some of her parents and Benton actually wearing his mama-made sweater).


  1. I LOVE your daughter's outfit :) Your expedition looks like a fun family outing.

  2. Wow.. yes.. looking at the clay I can see why it could be used as a cure! LOL.

    I love Aine's fashion for the hike! (Great photos Aine!)

    It all looks and sounds like it was fun.

  3. aine's sweater vest turned out GREAT! what a wonderful day you all had.

  4. That is one awesome fashion statement your daughter is making...I love her sense of style. We are in the 70's here too...drat it all, I want snow!

  5. Your title at first had me baffled! Such beauty and dysentery. Hmmm... Wow! Those views are breathtaking. Thank you for sharing. And I love the trivia lesson - makes the place even more interesting to discover.

    P.S. - your daughter's hiking outfit is awesome!

  6. Lovely pics of the day!
    Seventy degrees. sigh. Someday.