Monday, January 02, 2012

Closing out the Old

Our family was quite busy on the last day of 2011. We spent the day combining old and new traditions.

Each year we join friends for the Fiesta Bowl Parade in downtown Phoenix. The menfolk venture out early to guarantee our group a spot up front. The kiddos and I joined them after a ride on the PhART (Phx Area Rapid Transit). Armed with loads of silly string and snacks, we waved, yelled and enjoyed the wonderful Arizona day. Our silly string usage did anger a few parade volunteers who were sure it was forbidden. We assured them that the kind bicycle officers had already talked to our group earlier about the silly string. It was definitely allowed at the parade; it just could not be used by the horses. They threatened us and almost swiped a can out of Eamon's hands. I politely told them again what we had been told and asked them to go ahead and contact those kind officers if they really thought they should. The volunteers left us alone at that point!
With his silly string

Blowing Pixie Dust

Tuckered out as we headed home on the PhART
After we returned home for a bit of a recharge post parade, we headed out to our friends' house for a family NYE party. It was such fun. The kiddos ran around the property, played chess, build creations, roasted marshmallows, looked at Earth's moon as well as those of Jupiter, cuddled by the campfire and had a totally wonder-filled and glorious evening. We are very fortunate to have found our community. It was such a great way to end the old and welcome the new year.


  1. PhART... lol.
    i think we might try that next year. looks fun!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful way to bring in a new year. My year was brought in quietly, which is exactly what I needed this year.
    Here is to a wonderful new year and I look forward to my visits here.

  3. What a joyful celebration! The weather looks perfect :)