Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Outside my window the sun is beginning its ascent across the slightly cloudy blue sky
I am thinking about the grumpy mama that struggled to remain kind and centered with her kiddos last night
I am thankful for those kiddos and their father
In the kitchen there is nourishing food for our family
I am wearing my cozy flannel pjs with my hair pulled back in a clip to keep it out of my face. I do hate my slept in hair touching my face.
I am creating memories every day
I am going to talk with the kiddos to discover our plans for the day. I am thinking the dino museum may be in order
I am wondering what this year will bring. It seems to be so full of opportunity
I am reading Secret Gift and a bit of the Yarn Harlot books
I am hoping this new year brings change and a bit of contentment to us all
I am looking forward to breakfast together
I am learning some new knitting techniques and improving the old
Around the house are visual reminders of our days. It is not clean, but it is home.
I am pondering how to write more and get a little more done each day
A few plans for the rest of the week: park days, hiking, knitting, sewing and loving
A peek into my day will show lots of reading, playing, listening and a bit of craziness

a daybook post to wrap up the first month of this new year


  1. I love the line about your home not being clean but it's home; I feel the same about mine.

    I hope you have a great Tuesday!

  2. i love that you describe your house as not clean but it's home. perfect!

  3. i love these types of posts. very introspective.
    a super clean home is a sign of madness my MIL says. LOL

  4. Hee hee hee... LOVE the picture!!! SO cute!!

  5. Grumpiness...I know that too well, unfortunately. That's why I think that God is gracious when he helps me to ask for forgiveness and 'rewards' me in a sense with a new day... Your list of hope-to-dos are exciting!