Monday, January 23, 2012

On this Monday

we spent the day:
- celebrating a good dental visit
- building LEGO spaceships and other galactic creations
- playing and exploring the zoo with friends
- recuperating after hours at the zoo
- slow-roasting spareribs for dinner using this recipe and local pork from Date Creek Ranch
- watching LEGO clips and minecraft videos
- baking another big batch of these cookies with fresh lemons from a friend's tree. (Go and make them. According to my husband and kiddos they are that good.)
- knitting the birthday socks while dreaming of my next project
- winding yarn for that next project
- rearranging rooms yet again hoping to make sleeping a bit more comfortable for everyone
- reading book after book after book
- looking forward to Tuesday


  1. that is funny. i was planning on making lemon sugar cookies tomorrow. that recipe looks better then the one i have though.

  2. I will have to bake a batch of cookies today for my crew here.
    Love all the lego play, there were always a big hit in my home.

  3. A great day indeed! Sounds like your week is off to a fantastic start.

    We had a lot of Lego play here, too. (Chase built his own Lego coffeehouse.)

    I love lemon cookies! I will have to attempt this recipe in the next week.