Monday, May 21, 2012

Home of Independence

Our weekend was finished off with a trip to Philadelphia. Setting off early on Sunday, we encountered quite a bit of traffic and delay. A seemingly quick trip turned into quite a long car ride! When we arrived, we immediately headed to Independence Hall for a tour. The guide was very informative and offered a lot of fun facts about the buildings and the people who later became famous for their actions in the founding of this country. The older two asked quite a few questions which were greeted with enthusiasm (the chandelier is over 300 yrs old, the bins of sand on the floor are spittoons, Marie Antoinette is figured in the painting in the upper house and the guide was unsure about how many pegs were in the Georgian moldings around the room).
After viewing the buildings, we set off for a late afternoon meal. Dave did the research for the trip and discovered that Jim's Steaks was the place to go. Loaded down with lunch, we found some greenscape to sit and enjoy our Philly experience. Everyone devoured their sub running and laughing as they ate. We give it a thumbs up (they even have vegetarian options).
Walking around the historical sites was fantastic for me. Before we left Arizona, I viewed the mini-series John Adams, so I had the early years of our country fresh in my brain. We saw the oldest residential street (Elfreth's Alley), Ben Franklin's gravesite and finally The Liberty Bell.
Tired and a bit cranky after so many weekend adventures, the family piled back into the car. The trip home was much quicker which made for a pleasant end to the day.


  1. Such a cool place for a weekend trip! So much history. Would that more people would teach their children to love and appreciate the freedoms that we have here in this nation. Thanks for the post.

  2. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I love their questions! I've only been to Philadelphia once, but it was an interesting experience. I don't often think about Philadelphia having much to do with early America but there was a lot going on there at the time.

  3. We must have passed each other at some point. Philadelphia is a fun city and we haven't been in ages....great outing!

  4. I think everyone got stuck in that traffic jam. Philadelphia looks so beautiful. Your shots are incredible. I absolutely loved the John Adams mini-series. Your kiddos are super lucky. I am bookmarking this post for my travel ideas! Awesome time out with the kiddos. I loved seeing it!
    Ang (peach coglo)