Friday, February 11, 2011


Taking one's picture is not an easy task. Our main camera had a low battery, so I used my smaller point and shoot. I have so loved this camera, but lately the photos have not been very good. It may be due to little fingers prying open the lens cover or that it resides in my purse - usually at the bottom. Add the fact that the camera continually gets stuck in video mode, and you will understand my frustration. Luckily tonight it cooperated, and I was able to document my finished hat. Voila!
Hat of Ennui yarn: Malabrigo
A long stint at the park with friends provided the perfect opportunity to finish the ennui hat. I had knit all but the crown last night. So while the kiddos played with sand toys, climbed, rode scooters, created games and ran around the park, I knit.  I think this may have solved my problem. I have a finished project and renewed knitting vigor. No more knitting ennui for me.

So what did you do today?


  1. I have more yarn. I am thinking of making another to give away.