Friday, February 11, 2011

A New Volcano

I like to read blogs. I get a lot of great ideas from them. Since we homeschool, good ideas are important. Recently I read about an experiment called Elephant toothpaste. It sounded like something everyone would enjoy.

I prepped our ingredients which consisted of yeast, hydrogen peroxide and dish washing detergent.
I mixed the hydrogen peroxide and dish soap in a 20 oz soda bottle. We didn't have any food coloring, so I used a bit of red paint (it is the month of red, you know). In the smaller dish, the yeast was mixed with a bit of warm water.
 Aine wanted to pour the yeast mixture into the bottle. We used a funnel to make it a bit easier.

Eamon touched the liquid. He was surprised to find that it felt warm. Benton wanted to taste it. He was disgusted to find that it tasted like dish soap. BLECH! Aine thought it was pretty cool, and wants to now make some volcanos to test out the new lava.

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