Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Planning, plotting and packing

We are getting ready for a trip. I am trying to make sure we are ready. I am making a lot of lists. I am revising the lists. I am evaluating everything. I am trying not to leave anything to chance. I do not want to be caught unprepared. It has happened in the past, and it was not fun. One list is making me nervous. I often pack a bit too much, but I want to make sure I have enough to knit and to read.
Since I participate in Ginny's Yarn Along, these staples are truly needed.
I am currently working on three projects - monster longies, a sweater for me (that has been started 3 times), and a pair of socks. I plan to bring these as well as a small skein of yarn to make a washcloth. I am also bringing my current read, An Object of Beauty. If I finish that, I will have my Nook with two more books on it.

Perhaps I need another finishing project or a quick hat. Is it enough? Truly we will be in the car for quite a long time. UGH! I hate packing.


  1. Nothing wrong with the small bag with just knitting. I'd bring something else (what if you decide you just don't want to look at that sweater??). Or two something elses. You never know. Maybe you need to start some socks.

  2. i kept expecting you to say something like, "we're just going away for a weekend." ha! i don't think you'll run out of things to do while you're away :)

  3. It will be for 5 days, but we will be in the car for 7 hrs each way. I am an eternal optimist.

  4. Good luck with the packing, always exciting, but a chore :) Enjoy your trip and yes, socks would be fun and easy whilst traveling, no?

  5. I always take things for every mood. :)