Monday, February 07, 2011

Pink Piggies

It is quiet in my home. The kiddos are sleeping, except for Eamon, who is reading Tiny Titans: The First Rule of Pet Club (we went to the library today). I can hear the clock in our bathroom ticking. I have a few minutes to spend at the computer uninterrupted. It was a slow night here as Dave is out of town for the evening. When he is gone we have a different rhythm. It doesn't happen often and for that we are thankful.

When it is just the four of us, it is slower for some reason. Tonight we ate an early dinner. Everyone talked to daddy on the phone. We watched a short movie. We read some books. We cuddled. They fell asleep. This happens every night, but tonight it was different. Our rhythm is different. I don't know how to explain it. When daddy is home, there is a different energy. They want to do more, show more, tell more. They miss him during the day and try to soak up as much as they can in the evening hours. When it is just us, they relax a bit knowing we have spent the day together.

Perhaps it is me. When Dave is home, he will absorb their stories, hugs and energy while I handle the evening home chores. When it is just the four of us, I tend to relax with them and take a bit more time for me. I don't worry about getting everything in. I leave the dishes in the sink and the floor unswept. There are toys strewn about the family room. Instead of cleaning up and organizing for another day, tonight I will paint my toenails a flashy pink. I will knit and watch John Adams. I will end up staying up later.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. Daddy comes home and it is almost a constant rush and flurry of the kids showing him the things they did and telling him all about their day while I step to the side and do the evening things.

    The rhythm is different, you are the only responsible adult in the house and so you know what you still need to get done and frequently make the executive decision to put it off and indulge yourself.

    Enjoy your pink nails :)

  2. Sounds all too familiar! I'm so grateful that my husband doesn't travel ... but when he used to (and the kids were younger), there was a completely different vibe to our day. I guess I was trying to pace myself :-)

  3. It's exactly as you describe, nights my husband isn't here. When they were babies, it used to stress me out when he was gone. Now, I really find it sort of delightful to have that down time with the kids and a little break from my own routine.