Thursday, February 24, 2011


I am a morning person. I wake early by nature. I love jumping out of bed and starting the day. I am married to a night person. He slowly lingers in bed until the last moment. He then rolls out cautiously. My children are a mix. They love getting up early to catch what the new day brings. They also love staying up late connecting with their papa who has been gone all day.

Recently I noticed that we were trying to be both morning and night people. It hasn't really been working. Days stretch on with much frustration and tears. Too little time for restoration of little bodies and minds. Too little time for husband and wife to be together. And too little time for me. In an attempt to honor everyone's needs, I noticed that I had forgotten my love of mornings and my need for quiet alone time. I had forgotten my husband's need for slow mornings and long nights.

I am hoping to find a better balance. I am starting with me and my attitude. Lately I have been setting an alarm to get up. I slide out of bed alone and enjoy the silence careful not to wake anyone. I need a few minutes alone to process my thoughts. I enjoy reading my email, catching up on my favorite blogs, showering, reading and knitting. It is a perfect start to my day. With just these few precious moments, I feel like a new person.
This photo has little to do with the post, but I love it. It is from our recent trip.


  1. It IS a struggle to figure out that balance between what you need, what your spouse needs, what your kids need! I cherish nighttime when the house is quiet ... but my late nights sometimes (ahem!) mean I'm a bit sleepy in the morning ... until I take an afternoon siesta. Yes ... I'm still trying to figure out that balance :-)

  2. It's not an easy balance, esp if little ones start to awake too soon!