Saturday, March 19, 2011

All the better to see you with

Eamon has gone to the ophthalmologist for several years. It started when he complained of seeing double. Upon further investigation, we noticed he would often cover one eye when reading or studying something closely. The doctor prescribed eye exercises and continued monitoring. At his recent visit, he was given a prescription for glasses. He was a bit reticent at first. The ophthalmologist said he didn't need to wear them;  his prescription is not strong. If he wanted to wear glasses, he could but no stress.

Recently Eamon asked to get his prescription filled. I took him to Costco to pick out a pair as I knew they were reasonable. The staff was helpful, and the glasses cost approximately $100. Yesterday we received a call that the glasses were available, and we picked them up. Eamon is so excited. He has been wearing them often. I ordered a backup pair from Hopefully he likes those too.


  1. How handsome your boy looks in the new specs! If he's anything like my boy, once he realizes the thrill of good vision, he'll be hooked on wearing the glasses :-)

  2. They look great!!! Hopefully he noticed a difference (for the better) when wearing them! I love mine. :D

  3. Oh my gosh E, they make you look very handsome and so grown up! I love them! You were right, they are GREAT! HOw can you see? Better? I hope so. Yep they are way cool! Gram