Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stolen Moments

People often wonder how I can manage to have any hobbies with three children. Most know we are eclectic homeschoolers fiercely entrenched in the unschooling camp. They know I spend all day with my amazing children. What they don't know is my secret. Stolen moments.

I have only recently discovered the secret to maintaining my passions while guiding small people. I spent a bit of time putting those passions aside to take care of others. I soon discovered that without taking care of myself I was not very good at tending to others. I decided I needed to make time for my interests, but this task was not easy. Initially I would stay up late at night. As most will attest, I am not a night owl. These late night craft-fests would result in one cranky mama. I tried getting up early. This didn't work either, as I often would be joined by my children who would then be cranky. I looked around to figure out what other people did. After observing others, I discovered that they had success by incorporating their craft into their daily lives.

I now carry my knitting and my reading with me everywhere. I know that I may not be able to read or knit for hours, but I can knit a few rows or read a few lines while sitting at the park. I can sew while guiding my older children with their sewing tasks. I can draw while my children are drawing. I can write when the evening draws to an end, and we are settling in for the night. No, I won't be able to sit for a long stretch of time and focus on my craft, but I can make progress a few stitches at a time.
Yarn Along with Ginny
This week, I have continued to work on my sweater. The pictures are boring as I am puttering along on the first sleeve, so I will spare you. To stave off boredom with the sleeve, I picked up the first pair of the twins' longies. I realized I just need to knit the legs, and the first pair will be done. This is a good thing as I need them in the mail in a couple weeks. Excuse the odd colored photo, I was stealing a few moments while my youngest was taking a bath.

I am reading Freedom still and supplementing it with a few good magazines. I really enjoy Everyday Food, Vegetarian Times and Mother Earth News. I picked up Real Simple for some fashion ideas as my sister is concerned I may need an intervention (I wore jeans with fivefinger shoes the other day). Are there any magazine I should be reading? 


  1. Thanks for this inspiring post! I have been burning the midnight oil in search of some "me" time but it has been catching up to me during school time when I want to lay my head down and sleep (perhaps after a nice soothing cry). I am going attempt to be a little more mindful of stolen moments (and use them for creating - not just computer time).
    Sweet longies!

  2. Portability is the great thing about knitting! I carry mine too and get a few stitches here and there during our learning as well.

  3. Yes, the portability of knitting is great! My quiet moments are sometimes grabbed while I'm sitting next to an eager artist. Even right now my youngest is sitting next to me looking at a board book.
    Have a great week!

  4. When learned to incorporate my activities with my children's it made the day's so much nicer. Childen always want to do the same activites as we are. I laugh everytime the little one here yell, " I need my knitting ".
    I have been reading Mother Earth for years. I also read The Farmer's Almanac; my dad bought it, I buy it.

  5. The other great thing about incorporating your me time is that the kids get to see you take time for yourself and learn what is important to you :). I just recently subscribed to Living Crafts mag and love it!

  6. :) Always a Mama should be filled up with good things!

  7. I have started carrying my knitting with me as well--socks are a really good and portable for project for me and it is so nice to get that time for me...

  8. carry-along knitting is a great way to meet folks. When I used to commute, I'd get into the coolest conversations with folks (back before knitting had it's resurgence of today).

    Love the leggings ....

  9. Stolen moments are how I get crafting in too. That's how women have been doing it forever! Just think of drop spindles. Women could pick that up here and there through out their day. The sewing machine is tough. I do that during naps, nights or week-ends. But hand sewing and now knitting a little here and a little there. The last bit about fashion made me laugh. It reminds me of my sisters. When I went to visit them last summer they took me out for a fashion make over and admitted to trying to get me on one of those TV make-over shows! Am I really that bad? Enjoy your stolen moments.

  10. This is exactly what I do. I watch my kids as they play out in the front yard. I pull up a chair and yell "car" in between knitting and purling. Cute way to term this activity.."stolen moments"

  11. Yes, I try to find the moments as well...I keep some things like my cross stitch and most sewing machine things for after bed time. I try to have my knitting/crocheting laying around to pick up when the moment is available...however brief that moment may be...

  12. hey proud mama!
    where is your email address?
    trying to get in touch with you...
    can you email when you get a sec at:
    thank you! :)
    ps. what are five finger shoes?!!!! :)

  13. Stolen moments, yes I remember those days! I actually did get quite a bit done too.....stitch by stitch.
    I had to laugh about the fashion statement! My sister is the I opt for comfort, are the shoes you mentioned comfy? I have been looking into them lately.

  14. I love the shoes. they are super comfy. Here is a link to the Vibram Five Finger shoes for those who asked.

    Leslie - I tried emailing, but it was returned. You can email me at hdecates AT gmail DOT com