Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fun with Grandma

We have been busy playing with Grandma the last few days. Today she took the kiddos to the store to pick out a toy. Each picked what they most wanted. The decision process was a long one. I am sure Grandma was unprepared for the deliberations that ensued. After a long time, Eamon chose a remote control boat, Aine a Barbie and Benton a big red bouncing ball. They were delighted with their picks ripping into packaging as soon as they were in the car.

We stopped for a brief lunch during which they plotted how they were going to use their new treasures. Eamon wanted to try his boat immediately. We decided to deviate from our plan to visit the dino museum and headed to a local park with a pond instead. All three were ecstatic! Eamon launched his boat and everyone had a chance to pilot the boat. The boat worked really well. The range was perfect for our neighborhood park, and the speed was good for novice hands.
Aine skipped across the rocks near the edge of the pond. She promptly fell right into the water.
This led to much experimenting with how far you could walk into the pond. They tried to see if they could paddle across the small pond on logs that were floating in the water. These shenanigans ended when I finally told them the pond was not for swimming, and they needed to vacate the gross, disgusting, dirty, pond water.
They continued to race the boat around the pond scaring waterfowl and turtles alike for quite some time. We finally decided to head home when the waterlogged clothes became a bit too much and bellies started to rumble. They recounted their exploits for daddy over dinner, and have begun planning tomorrow.

I wonder if Grandma is up for more adventures in the morning.


  1. I'm so glad my mom is having fun with the kiddos!!! Sounds like you're all having a great visit!

  2. They can come swim in irrigation water at my house if they like gross water.