Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Three is a Magic Number

My youngest child, Benton, is three today. It is hard to believe that three years ago we welcomed him into our home and our lives. He was born on a beautiful March afternoon. I remember parts of it like it was yesterday, but it also seems like a distant memory.
 (Benton 3/10)
Benton has grown so much in the past year. He is definitely "not a baby" which he is quick to remind everyone. He loves to play with his older siblings, and will not be excluded. They indulge his wishes and often left him join their games. He can climb any structure and loves to hang from limbs, car handles or any other fixture. He surprises everyone with this imitation of a primate.
Gammage Auditorium 3/11
Benton is a charmer. He will hide his face and play coy when a stranger approaches him. If he finds them worthy, he will bat his huge eyelashes and talk to them. He does not like to talk to everyone, and will often turn away from people. If he knows you and likes you, however, he will talk non-stop. He has a lot to say and is quite clear in his speech and his thoughts.
Phoenix Zoo 3/11
Benton loves the mechanical side of things. He can often be found carrying a screwdriver around the house or even the park. He prefers the real deal to play tools. He helps us fix everything and will often disappear with whatever tools he finds. He loves trucks and especially big machinery. Diggers is his favorite book, and he will shout in the car if he spies heavy equipment. His favorite is the excavator followed closely by all tractors. He spent almost an hour exploring the tractors at the zoo in lieu of enjoying the petting animals. He definitely preferred the John Deere over the Case.
Tractor at Phoenix Zoo 3/11
Benton is always a diplomat. He yearns for a peaceful calm home. If ever a voice is raised or stern words uttered, he is quick to tell the speaker to stop yelling. He is often overheard quoting admonitions to his siblings (Eamon, Daddy said do not get on the table!). He tries to persuade them to follow the course. He does not like to be reprimanded in any way. If he is redirected from his task or made to do something he does not want to do, he lets everyone know his anger and frustration. He will refuse to look at or acknowledge the offender. He is slow to accept them, but when he does he will talk about his hurt feelings and pride.
Benton loves to cuddle. He will often tell you to sit down, so he can crawl into your lap. He will bring piles of books to read with you. He loves his mama, daddy, brother and sister above all else. He gives big hugs and often kisses. He loves to hold hands and prefers to be carried. He no longer wants to ride in the sling - mostly because he is afraid he will fall asleep.

 Benton is truly a delight. None of us could imagine our family without him. Happy Birthday, Benton!


  1. I love that boy. Happy birthday B!

  2. Happy birthday, Benton! Enjoy your special day :-)

  3. Oh my they are growing up so quick! Benton is going to love being three!

  4. He looks so much like Aine in some of the zoo pictures. Amazing boy! Wish we were celebrating with him.

  5. Anonymous7:14 AM

    Happy Birthday Benton! Alex loved being three so much that when he turned four he exclaimed, "I wish I was still three!"

  6. What a beautiful post Heather!! Happy birthday to B and to you as well!! I was surprised to see how much he looks like Aine in so many of the pictures you posted!!!

    Miss you guys!!!

  7. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful little boy. You really have a way with words Heather, you should write a book about your little ones. Happy birthday to you, I have already sent my wishes to B. Your baby is 3 and my babies are entering their 40's. Keep them close because they grow up way too fast. He really does look like Aine in some of these pictures. Much love.

  8. Happy Three Benton!!

    I love three. And four. And five. And six... :)

  9. He does remind me of Aine in some of the pictures, but he is very much a very special boy of his own, one of his kind! Happy Birthday once again!