Friday, March 11, 2011

Let me time you

Eamon is the proud owner of a new watch from his dad. He loves it. It is a bit big on his seven and a half year old arm, but he wears it with pride. It was his daddy's don't cha know. He sports it daily without fail, and he checks it often. Eamon will spout off time facts throughout the day.
Mama, do you know when high tide is? 
Mama, how fast can I run around the block? 
Did you know it took you ten seconds to do that.
I can time you. Ready, set, go!
Don't be puzzled by his latest armwear. His new black timepiece is a treasure, and his is ready to tell you the time if you ask.


  1. OMG, what happened to my little E? He looks so grown up that I hardly knew him. Mom, he just isn't a baby any longer. Good looking young man with a truly great watch. Ask him to keep me posted when I get there. I will really need to know the time for sure! How sweet. Dad's watch, can life get any better for a guy!

  2. Hmmmm... 7 and a half. I think that sweet boy is nearly 8.

  3. In case you didn't recognize them, I believe those are his Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes) faces.

  4. @ECW74
    Too true. He isn't yet counting the days, so I try to forget.

  5. that boy is armed with knowledge! and the time. my daughter woke up before anyone else yesterday and set all the clocks forward for daylight savings. i was so grateful, as it's one of my least favorite jobs :)

    it occurs to me that i need your email address (if you're willing to share) so that i can directly respond to your comments. you asked about the percy jackson books - can you email me?

  6. Love your blog! I really loved the painting on silk.