Saturday, November 12, 2011

Is Dat for Me?

Everyone wonders how I can knit for my kiddos and keep it secret. Since I am often knitting during down times, they are used to always seeing something on my needles. I was able to complete Aine's sweater and a matching one for her doll baby without any questions. I even took photos of the doll wearing the sweater! I admit to being a bit surprised myself.

While waiting for the yarn to arrive for the boys' official holiday sweaters, I decided to make a vest for Benton. I have had this yarn in my stash for quite a few years. I cannot remember the colorway, but it is 100purewool. I originally bought it to make something for him when he was a baby, perhaps a sweater or longies. My memory is a bit fuzzy. I knew he would like whatever I made now since he loves green. For him, I chose the Milo vest pattern. I really like the pattern as it has several cable pattern from which to choose and it covers quite a few sizes. Oh, and I could use stash yarn.

As I knit I considered making it his holiday sweater. I was warming to the idea when I saw how cute it was turning out. I had almost convinced myself when Benton crawled up into my lap while knitting, and quipped, "Is dat for me?" Why, of course, baby. It is for you.


  1. i love that vest. very nice. and th color!
    funny how you can be doing something right in front of them and they just don't notice. lol
    i have to admit i am loving making all the hats and mitts for the kids this year. it is a challenge only because i knit so darn slowly. lol but just being able to give something that i made to them, i don't know i love it. :) maybe next year i can do the sweaters. :)

  2. How cute!! Take a picture of him wearing it please!! And one of Aine and her baby in their sweaters!! You're so creative and crafty!!!

  3. Most of the time my crew doesn't pay attention to what's on my needles so I am pretty safe.
    Is that little owls on the vest? It is just too cute!

  4. Thanks for the compliments, everyone. He didn't want to wear it when it was done because he was busy. No pictures of the holiday sweaters until they are given in December. I will show pictures of the buttons when they arrive.

  5. Oh I love those little owls!

  6. oh this came out great! i love seeing all the different milos out there!