Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankful for my community

Tonight we bowled with our friends. These are friends young and old that we have met over the past year. The friendships feel as though these people have been around much longer. This group of kindred spirits has grown very close in the past six months. We are a community.

I am very thankful for these people. We share the homeschooling journey. We have children in the same age range. We meet regularly to support one another and provide an enriching environment for our kiddos.  We help, support, encourage and cherish each other. My children are so happy with the friends they have in this group, and so am I.
Spinning balls on the rack
Dads and kiddos bowling this game. 
Resting after the 10th frame.


  1. it was sooo much fun! <3

  2. Sounds like a great gathering!

  3. Friendships are the best and when you find friends that feel like family, you consider yourself blessed and lucky.

    I love the picture of Aine and her friend... so sweet. Love B's green vest that you made him... so cute!!!

    Maybe when we're all together again we can go bowling!! :-)