Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saying Yes

As a parent I have found that saying "yes" is important. Most days I really do strive to say yes to my children. Some days are a bit harder than others. I don't want the mess, the hassle or the bother. Today was not one of those days. Today we all said "YES."

* a big yes to playing in the morning rain with an emphasis on puddle jumping
* Yes to pancakes with maple syrup, eggs and sausage and mandarin oranges for breakfast.

* Another yes to electric trains including the large wooden platform, which has to be dragged into the house from the garage. Eamon requested this, but everyone played. Aine built "City of Aine" complete with landscaping and people. Benton built a block park. Eamon played engineer.
Toot Toot (someone loves the whistle)
"Engineer Eamon, come in, Engineer Eamon..."
Arranging the river and waterways
Planning out the livestock and the block cities
* Yes to reading and lounging on the couch
* Of course I said yes to an owl hat to match his vest. It required a bit of brushing up on my crochet skills, but it turned out super cute. Benton was pleased.
Yes, I did wear my polar bears pjs for a long time today

 * Yes to watching the creation of a new LEGO game complete with dynamic rules that change each time you play and are truly only known by one person

 * Yes to a sad little boy who wanted to play the LEGO game with his older siblings but was told it was only for ages 7+

We had a lot more yeses today that weren't photographed. Yes to popcorn for dinner, bath for no reason, another book for bedtime, using mama's "good" sharpies and lots more. Everyone should really try saying yes instead of an automatic no and see what fun you have. As Aine said this morning, "Mama, this is the life."


  1. How terrific!! A day of yes sounds like a wonderful day indeed!! I love the pictures of the kiddos... I miss them so much it hurts. I can't believe how big they're getting and I feel like a blink ago, B was just a wee baby!!


  2. YES!
    yeah to yes days. :)

  3. Yes, that is the life!
    I love how freeing it feels to say yes and how happy everyone always is because of a simple little word!