Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I love mail. I enjoy getting postcards, letters, magazines and especially packages. This simple pleasure is nothing new. I remember asking my mom as a child if the mail had arrived, and if I received anything. My children are the same. They love checking the mailbox for treasures and enjoy when their magazine subscriptions arrive (Ask and Spider are their favorites). We read letters together and try to reply to the sender. Often these missives don't reach the intended recipient, but the original thoughts are there.

I remember loving fluffy mail when I was a new mom. I was a stay at home mom wondering trying to make a safe little home for my son. Of course that fluffy mail was cloth diapers! I no longer receive any of those packages, as my youngest has been out of diapers for a couple years now, but I now have a new fluffy mail to appreciate - yarn!

This week has been a good mail week. I received two separate fluffy packages in the mail for the boys' sweaters. I also received the buttons for Aine's sweater as well as coordinating barrettes for her. I have been busy winding the skeins into yarn cakes and preparing myself mentally for the task of their sweaters. Perhaps I need to stop planning, researching and stewing and just start knitting.
Beaverslide Dry Goods 90/10 (Please disregard the dust, I have been busy)


  1. I love receiving mail! Looks like you definitely had a good visit from the post. Oh and Beaverslide yarn! Love it so much.

    Cute buttons and barrettes!

  2. I got fluffy mail yesterday - a mug cozy.

  3. I love happy mail and now that most of my bills come paperless the mail is usually fun.
    The buttons are adorable.

  4. Looks like a wonderful mail day!!! I can't wait to see the sweaters ... the yarn looks delicious!

  5. i love getting fluffy mail... i still get the good kind, cloth diapers. LOL

  6. Yarn mail is the best mail! Your post makes me feel like doing some on line shopping :D

  7. I love fluffy mail too! That's such pretty red fluffy yarn your nice mailman brought you (mine is nice like that too). And I also need to just start knitting instead of all the dithering I do ;).

  8. Oh, and forgot to say, "Oh, sparkly" is the cutest thing I've heard lately ;)! What a perfect way to describe all those pretty sparkly distractions out there.